Ripple Tank (water wave)


Code Number: PTVL2025-RiTank

Brand: AELAB


  1. Excitation of straight wave fronts
  2. Excitation of circular waves
  3. Excitation of interfering circular waves
  4. Determining the wavelength
  5. Dopper Effect


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The purpose of the ripple tank is to provide clear demonstrations of basic wave phenomena in the form of ripples on water that can easily be made visible.
Experiment examples: Generation of circular and straight waves, reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, doppler effect.


- Audio Generator 0 - 2000Hz

- Lamp Controller

- Vibrator 

- Lamp 

- Adjustable stand base 

- Ripple tank with projection mirror, viewing screen.

- Module for generating straight waves

- Module for generating circular waves

- Module for generating two interfering circular waves

- Drainage Hose

- Immersion bodies for reflection and refraction (prism, biconcave lens and biconvex lens)

- Immersion bodies for setting up a single slit and a double slit


- Tank structure: 400x300x320 mm, Blue color.

- Projection screen: 375x320 mm2 approx. 



Ripple Tank

Ripple tank

Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank: Lamp controller

Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank: Doppler effect

Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank: Interference make hypebol lines

Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank: Lamp with white and green