Physics Secondary School

Hooke's law and spring constant

Code No: PTVL2020-L10L6

Pulley Demonstration Set

Code No: PTVL2020-L10

Torque and Equilibrium

Code No: P075910-torque

Inclined Plane

Code No: P0101012_Inclined Plane

Prism Spectrometer

Code No: P0012

Bernoulli's principle Experiment

Code No: PTVL2028 (C1510)

H-Shaped Base

Code No: PTVL2001

Connecting lead

Code No: PTVL2012

Student Power Supply

Code No: P01091112

Digital Timer with photogate

Code No: P01041012(LED)

Pendulum Experiment

Code No: PTVL2017_OSC