Pendulum Experiment


Code Number: PTVL2017_OSC

Brand: AELAB


  • Simple pendulum
  • Spring pendulum
  • Resonance of Oscillation
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- Investigate the period of simple pendulum with changing length

- Investigate the period of spring pendulum with changing weight and spring

- Investigate the resonance of oscillation.

Pendulum experiment including:

1. Pendulum apparatus: 

- Including simple pendulum, spring pendulum and resonant pendulum.

- Length of cord can be adjustable by hand knob.

- Springs are clamped to avoid vibration or slip off

- Low friction on resonant pendulum.

2. Weight: 10 x 50g (Option)

3. Spring: 03 pcs

4. Suppord rod, 12mm, length 70cm, stainless steel.

5. H - Shape base (Option)

6. Stop watch (or digital timer) (option)

Simple Pendulum experiment

Spring pendulum experiment

Resonance of oscillation

Simple pendulum

Simple pendulum: Knob to change length of pendulum

Resonance pendulum

Simple pendulum

Simple pendulum: Button to lock spring

Simple pendulum

Simple pendulum apparatus

Resonance pendulum

Resonance pendulum apparatus

Simple pendulum

Simple pendulum apparatus : with timer

Spring pendulum apparatus with timer