Investigate the centrifugal force


Code Number: P086210

Brand: AELAB


  • Investigate circular motions
  • The centrifugal force depend on mass, radius, speed. Comparing theory.

The centrifugal force apparatus serves, in combination with a motor, to measure and examine the centrifugal force resulting from the rotation of a body around a defined axis

Experimental set is designed modernly with adjustable speed engine.

Can be done with digital dynamometer, disc dynamometer or spring dynamometer

Values ​​are very accurate.

The rotation of the test object is variable.

Motor controller with  LED speed display.

Set including :

1. Centrifugal force apparatus :

With integrated motor

It has a mechanism to attach disk dynamometer and a spring dynamometer, which can be adjusted up and down from 0 to 80mm

The maximum rotation speed is 4 rpm.

Rotation Hand: diameter 50cm, with a ruler.

The test object may slide to change the turning radius.

Using power source: 12V / 3A

Triangular stand has balance adjustment knob

Support rods 20mm and 16mm in diameter, aluminum.

2.  Disc dynanmometer 5N (Or Spring Dynamometer)

3. Student power supply

4. Motor controller, LED display, unit: rpm, source input: 12-30VDC

5. Connecting lead:  50cm (pair: blue/red)

6. Signal cable: 1.5m

Centrifugal force apparatus



Centrifugal force apparatus: Motor controller

Centrifugal force apparatus: Mechanism to attach dynamometer

Centrifugal force apparatus: Mechanism to attach weights

Centrifugal force apparatus: base

Centrifugal force apparatus: lock

Disc dynamometer




Lực quán tính ly tâm có công thức:

 w: Vận tốc quay (rad/s)

m: Khối lượng gia trọng (kg) = 0.12kg

r: bán kính quỹ đạo quay (m) = 0.19m