Force Table (Combination and resolution of forces)


Code Number: P060910_EU

Brand: AELAB


The purpose of this experiment is to use the force table to experimentally determine the force that balances two other forces. This result is checked by adding the two forces using their horizontal and vertical vector components, and by graphically adding the force vectors.

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Force Table is used to physically demonstrate the addition of vectors using the concept of equilibrium (net force is zero). The vectors are forces supplied by the weight of masses that hang over pulleys. Masses hanging over pulleys placed at given angles are balanced by another mass over a pulley at another angle.

Force table apparatus includes:

1. Aluminium scale disc (01):  

+ Made by aluminium Anodized surface. 

+ Diameter: 370mm

+ Angular lines, number, logo, printed by Special printing technology, sharp, durable, do not fade.

2. Support rod (01):

+ Made by aluminium Anodized surface. 

+ Length: 300mm, diameter: 16mm

+ Female threaded with aluminium screw

3. Precision Pulley (03):

+ Made by aluminium Anodized surface. 

+ Very low friction

+ Positioning screw with plastic knob and plastic buffer avoiding scratch disc.

4. Ring with swiving lock (01): Diameter: 25mm

5. Lightweight: 7 x 50g; 3 x hanger 50g; 3 x 20g; 3 x 10g; 3 x 5g, 3 x 2g

6. H- Base (01) (Option)

Doing experiment and result 



Force table

Force table is printed by special technology

Force table_Pulley

Precision Pulley for Force table

Force table


Force table

Force table: equilibrium status

Force table

Force table: equilibrium status

Force table:Result of experiment


Precision Pulley