Bernoulli's principle Experiment


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  • Investigate the relationship between the gas velocity and the pressure Qualitatively
  • Verification Bernoulli's principle Qualitatively
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Bernoulli's law in a liquid and a gas is similar, so we performed this experiment with a gas.

This is much easier for students to practice in class (performing in class) as well as in the lab. Bernoulli's principle experiment investigates the relationship between the gas velocity and its pressure. It Consists of a glass venturi tube with two different diameters, with a set of additional tubes attached to the different sections . One pair holds a U-shaped tube in which a color liquid can be placed to demonstrate the different pressures exerted when air is blown through the tube. It includes two hoses, glass venturi tube, U-shaped tube and two hose clamps.

Size: 45 x 13 x 32 cm

Bernoulli Experiment  including:

1. Bernoulli apparatus

2. Syringe with silicone tube

3. Silicone tube 1.5m

3. Blower (option)

Clip demonstration:


Air is blown through the Venturi tube.
In the section with a large cross section, the airflow velocity is v1, the air pressure there is p1. In the tube section with small section, the gas flow velocity is v2 and the pressure p2

Bernulli experiment

Bernoulli's principle said:

In other words:

r: the density of the fluid

Procedure of experiment

Set up below:

Bernulli experiment

Bernoulli apparatus

Use Syringe with silicone tube to inject solution of color food to U-Shaped manometer. 

Turn on the air pump and observe U-Shaped manometer. 



Bernulli experiment

Bernoulli apparatus

Bernulli experiment

Bernoulli apparatus

Bernulli experiment

Bernoulli apparatus: U-Manometer